Tower Plaza Hartford, CT

Connecticut Bomanite Licensee worked with Hoffman Architects and the general contractor Downes Construction to install several Bomanite Imprint System Patterns throughout the pavilion of the commercial buildings located in Hartford, CT.

With little over an acre, the Bomanite Basketweave Brick Pattern (no texture) and Bomacron Medium Ashlar Slate pattern were installed with the traditional Bomanite Color Hardener and Releases to provide durablity, excellent wear resistance and fade resistance. Bomanite Color Hardener is the most effective coloring method to achieve your desired results in the installation of Bomanite and Bomacron Imprinted concrete surfaces.

This large project took over 73 concrete pours to complete a total of 46,574 square feet. The plaza and Pedestrian Bridge required replacement of the paving, drains, lighting and waterproofing and modification of the existing guardrail to make it code compliant. Hoffmann Architects were retained to redesign the plaza, addressing structural and functional concerns. Design professionals provided conceptual design development, schematic design, contract documents, and construction administration services for a full plaza and pedestrian bridge reconstruction, from waterproofing and paving to lighting and seating.

Connecticut Bomanite Systemsinstalled the Bomanite decorative concrete with 31,450 square feet of the Bomanite Basketweave Brick pattern with an individual stone size of 4” x 8” that established the majority of the plaza area design. The Bomanite Basketweave Brick pattern has a smooth surface and is a great replacement for worn out paving and masonry units.

6,468 square feet of the Bomacron Medium Ashlar Slate Pattern was incorporated into the overall plaza surface design along with an integrally colored gray band surrounding the Ashlar Slate pattern. The Medium Ashlar Slate pattern was also used within the Pedestrian Bridge and wheelchair access ramps. An additional 8,656 square feet of of saw- cuts were performed as well. Several areas contain the new drainage system that works smartly with the overall design.

Connecticut Bomanite Systems earned the 2018 Bomanite Imprint Systems Bronze Award for their laboring and detailed work for this plaza renovation using Bomanite Decorative Concrete.

Grand Rios Waterpark



Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Bulach Custom Rock, create handicap accessible ramps for one of the Midwest’s Largest Indoor Waterparks in Greater Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota.

Bulach Custom Rock scope of work included the set up and pour of approximately 11,000 sq.ft. of Bomcaron Imprinted Concrete with one 70’ handicap ramp, one 30’ handicap ramp with monolithic bridge, pan steps, a 60’ walking bridge, and two 8 riser sets of steps, along with over 2,000 lineal feet of Steigmeier pool coping poured monolithically with the deck.

Bomacron Slate Texture areas were poured using Bomanite Coquina Color hardener for the base color, then the areas were accented using a specialty color, Bulach Bronze, developed by Bomanite. Once these areas were imprinted, the pool coping was finished using a Bulach Bronze slurry and given a light sand finish. The pool copings were finished while there was water in the pools and river. This portion of the work was completed using a duck boat tied off in different areas. The Bomacron wood plank pattern areas were poured using a Taupe Integral color. These areas were stained the following day with Bomanite Forest Brown Con-Color.

The water park posed additional challenges, such as; designing a monolithic concrete ramp and bridge to accommodate wheelchairs to the upper hot tub, pouring of concrete using 5-gallon buckets due to inaccessibility of pumps or other delivery systems caused by water factors, and working to assure the slope of the decks flowed to over 1,000 feet of deco drain and 27’ panned floor drains. Bulach Custom Rock utilized their skills and expertise knowledge to overcome the challenges and provide the client with the final product.