Sterling Home Mortgage


This 1,223 sq.ft. interior commercial project used Micro-Top® by Bomanite White Base and Bomanite Chemical Stain color application throughout. The inspiration behind this project came from the owner who has an additional office utilizing specific colors on his stained concrete floors. BJerk Builders approached Progressive Concrete Works, Inc. with the hope to match the floors of the new office with the floors of the existing office. The original office floor was stained directly on the existing slab by another company. The new office required an overlay to be applied before staining due to differences in the base material and the complications of an exact match.

By utilizing the Micro-Top® by Bomanite overlay system and the Bomanite Patene Artectura Chemical Staining system, Progressive was able to achieve the owners desired look, allowing for a more vivid presentation of the colors. The combination of Rust Red, Burnt Ember and Black Chemical Stains were applied along with Rust Red, Pine and Black in an alternating 8’ x 8’ scored grid pattern giving a subtle contrast and tasteful flair to the office environment. The floors were then sealed with Bomanite HydroLock and buffed to give sheen and an overall refined appearance.

The Summit Shopping Plaza



With a unique interlocking circular design and random diamond layout this shopping center exterior plaza is sure to please all who visit. The fountain area and walkways received decorative scoring and chemical stains in two (2) colors, Auburn and Ebony, creating a relaxing Italian style atmosphere.

Colorado Mountain College

When Oz Architecture and FCI Constructors first contacted Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Colorado Hardscapes to do the flooring in the lobby of the Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge, they envisioned a simple Bomanite stain and seal finish. The flooring would have been beautiful with that original design. However, after looking at other options, they and the owners decided to upgrade to polished concrete with decorative radial sawcuts and caulking. The result was beyond beautiful; it was “awesome” according to FCI.

The combination of excellent communication between FCI and Colorado Hardscapes during construction and clear expectations about the limits and inherent beauty in polished concrete allowed this job to become “our best polish job yet” according to Colorado Hardscapes’ Ron Schnell. The multi-colored stain choices (Bomanite Ebony and Auburn), the variety in the sawcuts, and the high-polish finishing seal gave the floor its unique beauty. It flowed well with the layout of the room and the furniture in this main gathering room of the college.

One of the surprises in this particular flooring choice came via the cracks inherent in most concrete floors. While initially concerned with the potential of visible cracks in the finished product, the decision makers came to see this as one of the beauties uniquely characteristic to concrete floors, especially highly polished floors. “We are very happy with the way it turned out,” said FCI. “The owner and architect have both commented on how well it looks. It was great working with you and I hope to do it again in the future.”

Nan McKay Public Housing

Nan McKay needed to update its 40 yr old patio for its residence. They decided to tear out and start fresh and enlisted the help from BKV Group, an architectural firm in Minneapolis. BKV and Bomanite Licensee, Concrete Arts, have a great relationship. They contacted Tom Graf and Mike Dougherty to help form ideas in how they can meet the needs of this public housing development.

They wanted to expand the patio area, create a sustainable structure, make appealing for residence to use, and create a pathway to the trash bin. Together the team decided to amp the area up with color and design scores. BKV took a hold of the design of the project. Bomanite Sandscape Texture was chosen for the area for the design elements, low maintenance and sustainability. The concrete was integrally colored with Bomanite Gobi Desert and poured. Once the concrete was set up, Concrete Arts marked out the design of the patios and cut in faux joints/design scores with a hand grinder. The area was then stained with Bomanite Chemical Stain colors Ebony, Caribbean Blue and Rust Red.

ORU-Armand Hammer Alumni Student Center

The new, state-of-the-art Armand Hammer Alumni-Student Center is the first new construction project on campus in 30 years and designed by KSQ Architects, to provide a modern, sleek and youthful structure. The $11 million building encompasses 28,000 square feet and was designed to provide food, fun and fellowship for ORU’s students and alumni. Bomanite of Tulsa provided approx. 16,384 square feet of Bomanite Chemically Stained flooring throughout the building to complement a vibrant, youthful color palette that delineates student activity zones into quiet spaces, pool tables and video game consoles, live performance areas, an Internet café and a 12’ x 21’ screen for viewing concerts, sporting events or video game competitions.

Bomanite of Tulsa completed the project in three phases working around other trades to keep the building of the project moving and on schedule. Several dilutions of Bomanite Chemical Stain were used to achevie the mix of lighter and darker colors and then sealed with an acrylic sealer for protection.

For a closer look at this amazing project here is a link to a short video: