Dallas City Performance Hall



The Dallas City Performance Hall, renamed the Moody Performance Hall, opened its doors in September 2012 to display the city’s artistic and cultural diversity. Texas Bomanite was brought on to provide the lobby and common areas with over 10,700 sf of low-maintenance, high durability Bomanite Custom Polished concrete floors.

In order to achieve the desired look, Texas Bomanite prepared a special concrete mix that was installed after numerous trial samples were produced, and the right mix was chosen. The final concrete design incorporated 100% aggregates and sand imported from Georgetown, Texas. The 3” topping slab was installed by others over a structural concrete foundation.

Texas Bomanite prepared a sample area of polished concrete for approval in place within the facility. The second sample produced indicative of a “Deep Grind,” or large aggregate exposure, was approved for the project. Working with the general contractor and the various other trades still on site, Texas Bomanite proceeded to polish the floors by sectioning off areas to work within. Once an area had been brought up to the final polish level, the floors were covered to protect them while the other trades completed their scope of work. Texas Bomanite also installed a polyurea joint sealer in the control joints located in the topping slab during the polish operation. As a final touch, Texas Bomanite uncovered the floors and provided a final floor burnish prior to the grand opening of the facility.

Bartle Hall Ballroom Water Plaza

Bartle Hall Convention Center (often referred to as the “Kansas City Convention Center” or simply Bartle Hall) is a major exposition hall in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It is named for Harold Roe Bartle, a prominent, two-term mayor of Kansas City in the 1950s and early 1960s.

The City Council agreed to a $1 million city contract for new public art at the Bartle Hall ballroom expansion. The Japanese-American artist Jun Kaneko was awarded the contract. His concept included sculptural pots on a striped outdoor plaza. Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors were chosen to implement the striped plaza surface. This was achevied by pouring a Sandscape Textured Bomanite finish using an integrally colored white cement-based concrete mix. Diagonal sawcuts were installed with a v-shaped blade @ 12” on center. Alternate bands were stained using Black Bomanite Con-Color. To protect the surface from the elements Bomanite Conshield was applied to the entire job as well as Bomanite Bomaseal C-27 Solvent Sealer.

Bomanite Sandscape® Texture is designed for outdoor applications where an alternate to a conventional concrete finish is required. Utilizing specialized mix designs, additives, topical treatments and advanced application procedures, Bomanite Sandscape® Texture resembles sand blasted concrete and can incorporate specialized colored sands and/or aggregates exceeding 3/8” diameter. The finish is an economical alternate to other decorative concrete finishes while producing a monolithic concrete slab at low life-cycle cost due to the pre-aged nature of the surface. Used in combination with a variety of color and staining options, Bomanite Sandscape® Texture creates consistent texture and durable hardscapes ideal for plazas, walkways, shopping centers, schools and more.