Lenexa Civic Center

Lenexa City has developed and opened a 300,000 plus-square-foot mixed-use campus, that includes a new City Hall, Park University, a Public Market, and a community Rec Center along with public gathering spaces. Bomanite Licensee, Musselman & Hall Contractors, had the opportunity to work with PGAV Architects and Plaid Collaborative on the design of the pedestrian plaza as part of the Civic Center.

PLAID collaborated worked with the City and PGAV to design outdoor spaces to express as they noted a “prairie deconstructed theme, which embodies the spirit and character of the native prairie (landform, geology, and vegetation) and the history of Lenexa in a contemporary, sustainable, and sophisticated motif.” The three primary outdoor spaces created were the Festival Plaza (a large plaza for public gatherings and celebrations), the Vista (a space for activities that support the adjacent community recreation center and farmers market), and the Strata (a collection of intimate spaces for City Hall and public market patrons). The idea was for each space to have different uses, different scale and configuration but a common pallet of materials, furnishings, and details were woven through the design to complement the building architecture, provide visual continuity, and reinforce an overall sense of place.

Lenexa Civic Center Festival Plaza incorporates Bomanite Sandscape Texture Exposed Aggregate System with Bomanite Con-Color Staining Techniques. The Festival plaza incorporated 13,000 square feet of the Bomanite Sandscape Texture Exposed Aggregate System and then was stained with pops of vibrant and subtle colors of Bomanite Con-Color that were cohesive with the overall design. The detailed stain pattern created unique challenges and used four colors: Travertine Beige, Franciscan Red, French Gray, and Gunmetal Gray. Once the color was in place the plaza was sealed with Bomaseal C-18 to help withstand the outside elements of weather and human traffic.

Lenexa Civic Center outdoor spaces were designed with Bomanite Alloy to add a sparkle to the history nodeThe center piece of the project was the 700 square feet History Node. The Bomanite Alloy Exposed Aggregate System in Natural Gray was chosen for this portion of the plaza, installed, and then engraved with 23 significant names, dates, and events unique to the history of Lenexa. The text was of varying scale from 4” to 9” tall. Layout and execution was critical, and accuracy was of the utmost importance.

The project conception was citizen-led and has helped Lenexa visualize their dream of starting a new downtown. This is a beautiful project and exhibits the potential and beauty of quality Bomanite Decorative Concrete.

NREL Central Arroyo Detention Pond

Approximately 10,000 square feet of Grasscrete was installed in NREL’s Central Arroyo Detention Pond by Bomanite Licensee, Colorado Hardscapes. NREL (Natioanl Renewable Energy Labatory) has had great success with the application of on-site pervious pavement systems to reduce site runoff and maintain predevelopment hydrologic conditions.

Over 59,000 square feet of pervious paving materials have been implemented on the STM campus in support of their living laboratory environment. Grasscrete allows the native planting in the pond to grow, protecting the root systems within the voids, and provides easy cleaning and scraping of the pond as needed without disrupting the pond’s shape and root system. The concrete was integrally colored an earthy brown tone to blend in with the natural surroundings. Grasscrete provided an excellent, continuously reinforced, cast-in-place pervious concrete solution for NREL.

Fresno Police Department – Regional Training Center

The Fresno Police Department Regional Training Center is a 96-acre state-of-the-art training facility that will serve the City of Fresno for years to come. A 20,000 sq. ft. range house anchors one end of the site. This structure includes a warehouse, administration, gun repository, classrooms, simulators and toilet rooms. Nine rifle ranges are included on the site: seven 50-yard, one 100-yard and one 200-yard range with sniper towers. Located adjacent to the ranges is a 3,000 sq. ft. SIMS tower. The facility has numerous vehicle training areas, including a driver awareness pad, skid pad, urban chase and pursuit courses and a tactical village. On the opposite end of the site are a gym, administration building, additional classrooms and vehicle storage and maintenance structure. This project was designed to meet the current “Fresno Green” requirements for new construction.

Bomanite Licensee, Heritage Bomanite brought to life SIM Architects angular floor design with extensive sawcutting and color combinations. Heritage Bomanite used two colors in the field areas and left some areas uncolored natural gray with the complete floor being polished with the Bomanite Custom Polishing System. The Fresno Police Department logo area used Bomanite Concrete Dye – Black Orchid then a 6’ diameter stencil was placed over the dyed polished concrete and the logo was etched using gelled acid. Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems offer many environmentally friendly features, visit the website at to learn more about LEED point elements and Green Benefits.

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)


Client Need:
A distinctive paving was needed for the entry and front patio of the NCSL headquarters in the Lowry Redevelopment. Natural stone carved with state names needed to be integrated into the paving material at the front.

Bomanite Licensed Contractor Colorado Hardscapes, Inc.’s integral color concrete with the exclusive Sandscape Texture® by Bomanite finish results in the distinct look. Natural stone is skillfully integrated into the concrete.

Colorado Hardscapes, Inc. (CHI) created the entrance, a conference patio, drop off zone, outdoor patio break area, and a section under a revolving door for the NCSL buildings. Sandscape Texture® by Bomanite finished concrete, poured 4 inches thick, was used. Sections were integrally colored with a variety of custom shades with standard gray interspersed at the entrance to the building. The sawcuts further distinguish the different colors and flush out the pattern. Forty-eight linear feet of six inch planter curb was used and rounded seat wall surround the rounded sections of concrete and line the grill area on one side of the building.

Cheshire County Jail Kitchen

Bomanite Licensee, Premier Concrete Construction, LLC, worked with the Cheshire County Jail to make over their kitchen to fit their budget needs as well as safety needs. Premier Concrete poured 2,500 sq. ft of concrete slab and cast on Bomanite Color Hardener and polished the slab to 400 grit giving the surface a durable high wear finish.

Praised for brilliant color and extra-hard durability, Bomanite’s color-hardened surfaces stand up to more traffic than ever before when used in conjunction with this polishing system. The system chemically closes surface pores and mechanically polishes the floor, locking down color beneath an impenetrable shine. Suitable for surfaces in high-traffic industrial, commercial and public spaces, Belcolore by Bomanite is the right choice where strength is as important as beauty.

Gendy Street @ Fort Worth Western Heritage Center

Texas Bomanite was brought in at the later stages of the project at which time color and pattern had not been selected. This project had a drop dead date for completion to coincide with the dedication of the “national cowgirl museum”. Working with the designer, the representatives of the Western Heritage Association and a Landscape Architect in Washington D.C., Texas Bomanite prepared 15 samples for approval.

Job site mockups were produced and then tweaked for final color and pattern. Texas Bomanite crews started construction on the circlular sidewalk located at the perimeter of the traffic circle. A custom curb mule was fabricated to specifications provided by the Western Heritage Association.

Carter & Burgess, Inc. provided an autocad drawing of the intersection so that Texas Bomanite could design and layout the construction joint pattern. Texas Bomanite suggested a design change for the lane divider header in order to transfer the loads (traffic). Once the curb and gutter and traffic lane dividers were installed the field paving started. Work phases started in April and final pours were made in May. This project was on a very tight schedule and was a very high profile for the city.

Covington Readiness Center LA Army National Guard

The Grasscrete System was selected for the project due to it’s LEED characteristics. Grasscrete Molded Pulp Formers were utilized for this project providing sustainability with their 100% recycled content and ability to degrade over time into the sub-soils. The selection of a Grasscrete System is one of the easiest ways to achieve LEED points due to the reduction in heat island effect, management of storm water runoff, recycled content used in the application process as well as the concrete and sub-base, the long lifespan and the low maintenance required. Grasscrete Systems are highly sustainable with a very low life-cycle cost and the ability to be completely recycled and used in a future project.