Westchester CC Beach Club

The Westchester Country Club is an exclusive family-oriented Club located in Rye, New York which is a short distance from Manhattan. The Westchester Country Club has been ranked 12th of 4,000 private Clubs in the United States and maintains its status as a “Platinum Club.” Among the amenities is the 62-acre Beach Club with a notable aquatics area. The Beach Club also features five separate food and beverage facilities. The Main Bar is centrally located and the hub of social activity at the Beach.

Bomanite Licensee, Beyond Concrete located out of Keyport, NJ worked with the GC and Architect Kenneth R. Nadler, Consulting LLC to provide a product to withstand the exterior elements of the weather. After reviewing several architectural concrete samples of different Bomanite systems and products, the Bomanite Revealed Exposed Aggregate System was chosen for its excellence in durability and ability to withstand freezing temperatures, sea salt, sand, pouring rain and plenty of sunshine.

Beyond Concrete poured and placed approximately 11,200 square feet of walkways, main dining areas and patios for the Beach Club area with some weather and construction challenges. The job started in freezing weather, only to be set back by almost 3 to 4 weeks of constant rain. The wind was blowing off the water from the Long Island Sound throughout the entire installation. The weather changed so drastically that some of the pour days ended up being over 90 degrees. Beyond Concrete also had to custom form the job due to an existing structural slab condition that varied from as little as 2 inches to upwards of 9 inches. The Bomanite Revealed Exposed Aggregate slab had to be boom pumped over the roof of the building with the longest pump available not even reaching the areas to be poured. The concrete was pumped into wheel barrows and then poured in place.

After all the difficult and challenging working conditions, the installation came out extremely well. The owners of the country club were ecstatic with the design of the two tone highly durable finish. The field was poured with the Bomanite Revealed in Coquina color and the Borders used the Bomanite Revealed in Sand color. A custom mix of stone and glass aggregates were chosen providing a cohesive and complimentary decorative concrete element to the outdoor club establishment.

Bomanite Revealed is designed for outdoor applications where a highly decorative concrete surface is desired, a great option and final installation for the Westchester Beach Club. Bomanite Revealed is a durable monolithic topping system composed of a unique blend of cements, admixtures, recycled pozzolans, pigment and graded mineral aggregates that uses traditional concrete and advanced application technology. Bomanite Revealed combines the durability of concrete with color and pronounced decorative aggregate, producing a monolithic concrete slab with a beneficial low life cycle cost. Applications include pool decks, splash pads, plazas, shopping centers, schools and exterior walkways—anywhere improved wear resistance for light- to moderate-duty traffic with highly decorative appearance and durability is required. These highly durable surfaces are available in a multitude of standard and custom options, including light-reflective formulations that reduce heat island effect, hard to achieve colors for concrete, water resistant formulations for wet areas and other specialty applications, providing a Bomanite Decorative Concrete Platinum System for a Platinum Club.

Awards: 2015 Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Project Gold Award

Tandy Family YMCA

The Tandy Family YMCA opened in 2016 with more than 100,000 square feet dedicated to the pursuit of healthy living and community building; this state-of-the-art facility is built on the grounds of the 50-year old Thornton Family YMCA, one of the anchors of midtown Tulsa.

In collaboration with OU Physicians Center for Exercise and Sports Medicine, and OU Physical Therapy, the Tandy Family YMCA features three brand-new pools, new interactive fitness equipment, an all-seasons Splash Park and playground, with a focus on prevention and education.

Bomanite Licensee, Bomanite of Tulsa worked with GH2 Architects to choose the Bomanite Exposed Aggregate System  for the exterior multi-use space. With the emphasis on ADA compliance and universal design, both Bomanite Revealed and Bomanite Sandscape Texture were incorporated. Bomanite Revealed was chosen for its ability to provide vibrant color, a Custom glass blend was created to compliment and unify the safety surfaces around the play areas. Bomanite Sandscape Texture in Gobi Desert was installed to provide for a more natural feel, its slip resistant/traction coefficient, appearance and longevity.

Heights Recreation Center

The City of Richardson recently opened the doors of the brand new, state-of-the-art Heights Recreation Center. The 25,000 square foot facility boasts a regulation-sized basketball court, a game room, large fitness and cardio areas with brand new equipment, a large classroom space, a preschool room, an aerobics studio and WiFi Internet access throughout.

Bomanite Licensee, Texas Bomanite was called in to polish 2,500 SF of lobby and corridors. They installed a 2” integrally colored topping slab in a brown color. The scoring of the topping was done in accordance to the Architect’s (Brinkley Sargent Architects) design, which is seeking a LEED Silver Certification for the project. The floors were diamond polished to a 1,500 grit finish and Malt Brown Bomanite Concrete Dye was added during the polishing process to deepen the intensity of the color.

Bomanite Stabilizer Pro and Bomanite VitraFinish were installed to give the floor a complete Bomanite Custom Polishing treatment. A polyurea joint sealant was installed as well. The final step in the scope of work was floor protection and a final burnish was completed before the early summer opening.

East Phillips Community Center

East Phillips Community Center was a new project. The architect choose polished concrete for the ease of maintenance, savings cost and sustainability. Mark Kalar, LHB Architects, wanted a polishing company that was known for there decorative work because of the amount of design scoring and complexity of layouts and colors the project entails. Bomanite Polishing Licensee, Concrete Arts was choosen.

The Patene Teres Bomanite Custom Polishing System incorporated several Concrete Dye Colors; Black Orchid, Pineapple, Pomegranate and Warm Honey. Two finishing products were used as well; Bomanite Stabilizer used to harden and densify the concrete and Bomanite Stainguard to provide a protective finish.

The challenges that went along with this project were the layout, design score, separation of all the eclectic colors, color combination and choices and the placement of a metal medallion that needed to be in the center of the room. Concrete Arts provided them with clean lines, no cracking even amongst all the cuts that came together, solid colors with variations that were used to give more of a stained patina look rather than a solid monolithic look.

Centennial Center Park

The 11-acre, award winning, Centennial Center Park provides a variety of features and amenities for the community’s use. Designed for year-round family-friendly enjoyment, Centennial Center Park includes a large, covered shelter with gas fireplace and a smaller, more intimate coffee shelter for smaller gatherings.

Children of all ages will find hours of fun on one of three climbing walls, two expansive, age-appropriate play areas and the Nautilus water play area in the center of the Park. Ideally situated on a slight bluff adjacent to Centennial Civic Center, Centennial Center Park also features “butte” and “meadow” nature areas, three decorative water fountains and a two-story covered shelter to overlook the plaza or enjoy a spectacular Centennial sunset.

The Park’s unique design is intended to convey the passage of time, this concept is articulated through the integration of arches, spirals and curves into the park’s structures and many unique features. The Nautilus shape formed by the central playground complex is a prominent example of this theme.

The Park features various historical and educational elements as well. The main plaza showcases the historical timeline of the Cherry Creek Basin, including fun facts and a map of the Cherry Creek Watershed. The amphitheater’s design incorporates elements that represent the four periods of human history: Lithic, Archaic, Formative, and Classic. The “Colorado Statehood Walk” displays interesting facts about Colorado, while the “Viewfinder Walk” is an interactive trivia challenge that takes visitors on a quest throughout the Park– highlighting unique points of interests both inside and outside of the Park. Not just a place to play, but also a place to learn, Centennial Center Park is a treasure-trove of history and trivia.

The Summit At Central Park

In June of 2010, the city of Grand Prairie opened the doors of The Summit at Central Park, a state-of-the-art recreation center for active seniors. The facility boasts an extensive athletic center including an aquatic center with lap and infinity-edged pools, hot tubs and saunas, luxurious dining areas, ballrooms, game rooms, a pottery center, teaching kitchen, 88-seat movie theater, and on-site lakes and green space.

The entire facility is over 56,000 square feet and Texas Bomanite was called in by Manhattan Construction to create over 11,920 square feet of custom flooring designed by Brinkley Sargent Architects. The Bomanite Custom Polishing System, Renaissance, was chosen. A 2” integrally colored topping, was installed over a waterproof membrane, which was polished to the desired grit level, depending on the location (lobby & corridors or pool deck). 4,000 Linear Feet of joint filler finished these areas out. For more information about the Summit, visit the City of Grand Prairie’s Parks and Recreation website at

Idyllwilde Recreation Center

Client Need:
The designer wanted to create the look of an old time watering hole for this community center building.

Bomanite Licensee, Colorado Hardscapes integrated Sandscape Texture with Bomanite imprinted concrete and specially created artificial rocks. A detail the designer wanted to see in this project was a random edge on the Bomanite Imprinted Concrete areas. Our crews, after pouring and stamping a section of Bomanite would pull off the form and cut back the concrete to match the pattern line of the Small Random Slate pattern.

The jagged edge between the Bomanite and Sandscape Texture was just the look that was desired. The pool coping was also formed and stamped with a meandering front edge to give the look of an old waterhole. All the Bomanite was stained with Seal Brown Patène Artectura® which added to the old, weathered look the designer was trying to achieve. A Bomanite patio and picnic area were also installed to match the pool deck.