CUPS Yogurt

Cups, a self-serve yogurt store chose Bomanite Micro-Top for its ability to provide custom colors and graphics that matched the cool vibe of the store. Bomanite Licensee, Beyond Concrete, had to first remove the extensive existing glue and surface and do some much needed crack patching. Once the Bomanite Micro-Top overlay was in place Bomanite Hydrocoat sealer and Bomanite Interior Floor Finish were applied to provide the low-maintenance and protection needed for the day to day foot traffic.

Micro-Top by Bomanite is a cutting-edge technology, that uses a paper-thin concrete medium, that provides a coloration system like no other. Utilizing a troweled-on cementitious topping that tenaciously bonds to virtually any substrate, including concrete, wood, metal, plastic or asphalt, Micro-Top succeeds where other coloring methods have failed. Micro-Top provides a canvas where works of art are graphically produced, utilizing custom logos, unlimited graphics, swirls of color or marbleized hues to reach the perfect color combination.

Micro-Top can transform damaged concrete or an expanse of plain, gray concrete into a distinctive and dynamic area, bringing bold colors and designs where they’ve never been before. Micro-Top is an ideal replacement for carpeting or laminate flooring-no costly blasting is necessary before application-resulting in significant savings of time and money and making it perfect for that retail makeover.

Sprouts Farmers Market Parking Lot

The Sprouts Farmers Market Store located in Denton,Texas incorporated a void structured Grasscrete parking lot into their build and design. The company needed a pervious pavement system that could control storm water drainage, stand up to emergency vehicles as well as offer a standard parking lot with delineated parking stalls.

Working with the local Grasscrete Installer, Texas Bomanite, and the engineer, Winklemann & Associates, Inc.the parking lot was designed and installation of 14,775 square feet began with the layout of the formers to fit the space and requirements. The subbase was prepped prior to the formers being laid. Reinforcing rebar was set and concrete poured next to provide the stability and strength needed. Former tops were then removed and voids filled with stone.

The Grasscrete Stone Filled System was ideal for Sprouts. The Stone filled system is perfect for sustained traffic areas and can be filled with no-fines stone for maximum percolation rates while providing a low maintenance option that is both functional and environmentally friendly. Stone filled systems are capable of draining at rates of up to 480 inches per hour with 100% retention of water possible with correct design.

Sprouts practices “Responsible Retailing” in sourcing, operations and building. All stores are built to LEED Silver specifications. The void structured Grasscrete system contributes to LEED requirements due to the reduction in heat island effect, management of storm water runoff, recycled content used in the application process as well as the concrete and sub-base, the long lifespan and the low maintenance required. Grasscrete Systems are highly sustainable with a very low life-cycle cost and the ability to be completely recycled and used in a future project.

The Villages Paddock Square and Cow Path Entrance

Paddock Square, a town square where residents congregate for nightly entertainment with plenty of food and retail opportunities, features water towers, silos, barn and log-cabin structures. The style is designed back to an era when cowboys drove cattle through the state. Bomanite Licensee, Edwards Concrete Company took the ideas of the architect, Michael Pape and Associates, and made them come alive with their talented crew of concrete artist and even added a few of their own designs to make the theme really stand out and create a WOW factor.

At Paddock Square, Edwards Concrete placed integrally colored concrete in an earthy brown shade. Bomanite Color Hardeners and Release Agents were utilized with the Dried Earth Texture stamp to provide an illusion of sun-baked mud and dirt.

The sidewalks to the entrance of Brownwood at paddock Square had to be poured while overhead cranes set the Bronze statues in place. Once the cows, horse and dog were in place the Edwards crew had to pour concrete up to and around the animal feet then stamped the concrete to make it look like the animals were traveling through an old west town on a dried cracked mud path. The cow and horse stamps had to be made to match the size of the animals and scale of the statues. Creative stamping techniques were utilized, for horseshoes, “cowboy” footprints and tracks of wagon wheels. Installers strapped horse stamps onto their own feet and even hired a white dog to strut across the wet concrete. The Bomacron Dried Earth Texture imprinting tool from Bomanite was employed to weather the faux dirt.

For more information on this project or other questions, contact Edwards Concrete Bomanite. Information on the building of Brownwood is also available on YouTube Episode 8:

The Summit Shopping Plaza



With a unique interlocking circular design and random diamond layout this shopping center exterior plaza is sure to please all who visit. The fountain area and walkways received decorative scoring and chemical stains in two (2) colors, Auburn and Ebony, creating a relaxing Italian style atmosphere.

Belmar Retail Development Walkways


Client Need:
The designer of Belmar wanted to create a subtle but very specific look for the paving around the retail development that would enhance the architecture and give a sense of continuity to all of the city blocks involved.

Bomanite Licensed Contractor Colorado Hardscapes, Inc. not only had the project management capabilities for this massive project, but the craftsmanship to create the paving details inherent in the design.

Sandscape Texture® by Bomanite finished concrete paving creates the walkways, plazas, and some of the medians throughout the Belmar development. (The curb and gutter work is by others.) The “V” cuts in the concrete mirror the architecture of the buildings.

The Citadelle Plaza

Bomanite Imprint Systems integrate both personality and product, crafting solutions to bring ideas to life. Whether building a stunning shopping center, beautiful plaza, captivating courtyard or high-end office suite, Bomanite Imprint Systems offer the owners and designers who possess the vision the creative freedom they need to make their project unique in design, color and texture.

When the design team at Archicon, LC, embarked on the creation of “The Citadelle”, a grand, 10-acre multi-use facility located in Northern Glendale, AZ, they knew exactly who to call for the exterior decorative concrete application—Bomanite Licensed Contractor, Progressive Hardscapes. Working with Mike Riggs, of Progressive Hardscapes, in the early planning stages and throughout all of the design phases of the project allowed the design team to create not only an innovative facility, but a distinctive facility with detail and high end appeal. Riggs assisted the architects and designers as they integrated more complexity and creativity into their hardscape designs. With the ultimate goal of creating a visually pleasing, high-status center filled with fantastic shops, gourmet cuisine, unique office spaces and studios to help put Glendale “on the map” as a more upscale city, it was determined that a variety of Bomanite’s most intricate patterns and textures for the exterior concrete courtyards and plazas be used.

With the 90,596 sq. ft. challenge at hand, it was up to Progressive Hardscapes to bring the exterior vision of the complex to life. Utilizing an assortment of textures from the Bomanite Imprint Systems collection in combination with a variety of colors and installation techniques, the grand scale of the Citadelle project started to take shape. Bomanite Slate Texture sandblasted with Bomanite Sand Color Hardener was used for 70% of the field. The Slate Texture was also used for a variety of pathways saw cut 24”x24” and colored with Bomanite Carmel Color Hardener. Bomanite Granite Texture and Mexican Tile (2’ bands) were also used for a few pathways and walks within the facility. Various stamped and colored accent bands were used around the fountain and tree perimeters, as well as additional paths and sidewalks. With a multitude of other Bomanite patterns and textures integrated into the project throughout, the Progressive Hardscapes team successfully created an intricate interplay of color and decorative concrete design into the overall exterior hardscape of the project. The architects and designers on the project wanted Progressive Hardscapes to “bring their vision to life”…and that’s exactly what they did.

Tri Sport Bicycle

If you are looking for a floor finish that is low-maintenance, holds up to heavy traffic and can make your showroom or business sparkle, then Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems is the floor finishing option for you. You can pay (and keep paying) for a floor finish that requires frequent repairs, reinstallations and costly upkeep, but why? Available in finishes from satin to gloss, Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems offer exceptional resistance to slipping, abrasion and impact, not to mention look great, are environmentally friendly and easy to clean! With help from their local Bomanite Licensed Contractor Heritage Bomanite, located in California’s Central Valley, Tri- Sport Bicycle of Fresno updated their merchandise display area with polished concrete floors. Looking to combat wear and tear to add service life to their floor, reduce costly maintenance and create a custom designed surface to set their showroom apart, Tri-Sport found Bomanite Custom Polishing Systems to be the answer.

Working with designer Suzanne Byrnes of Facility Designs, Heritage Bomanite was able to create a custom floor finish to meet Tri-Sport’s design expectations. Utilizing Renaissance by Bomanite™, a system from the Bomanite Custom Polishing collection that provides a lustrous finish with Bomanite’s premium Integral Color blends, the Heritage team set out to accomplish the task at hand. First, the Heritage team poured Black Bomanite Integral Color next to the gray concrete to create a flowing design throughout the store. A custom stainless steel logo was then made and set into the freshly poured concrete near the entry door. The Heritage crew then placed bicycle chain rings in the concrete throughout the store and sprinkled colored glass in various areas to create a distinctive decorative effect. Once the concrete was cured, the team polished the concrete to 3000 grit, exposing the metal and glass elements. Bomanite StainGuard was then applied after the polishing was complete.

Utilizing the in-depth skill, equipment and concrete artistry of Heritage Bomanite’s craftsmen, Tri-Sport was able to create a retail display space that is not only durable and easy to maintain, but is unique and bright that accents their merchandise and apparel.